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Our sacred Marine Corps emblem: the eagle-globe-anchor, needs no introduction.  Our colors is that of the United States Marine Corps since 1775:


Scarlet signifies the blood of our sacrifices.
Gold represents the cost of victory.

We fly USMC and CORPSMAN as bottom rockers because we can.  United States Marines and Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman share a brotherhood, a special bond and loyalty to one another that is  uncommon to the world.  A covenant we keep for one another in our souls.  It is what sets us apart from other military organizations. We have no need or desire to claim territory.

We are not interested in joining or interfering with the affairs of others.
We respect all men and clubs, ... except the enemies of our country and the enemies of our free way of life.

Every Leatherneck is a Marine.  Not every Marine is a Leatherneck. 

For more Information about the differences of RC's and MC's please read this information: 

Please Read ALL Frequently Asked Questions Before Contacting Us

1) What is the location of your meetings?
After contacting us either in person or through our website and we find you to be someone ok with hanging around the club, then we will let you know when and where to go.

2) When are your meetings held?
Our meetings are typically held on Saturdays, at least once a month depending on the club’s schedule.

3) What are the prerequisites for joining?
There are only two. The first is that you are a United States Marine (active, reserve, retired, or just plain did your time and got out) or an FMF Corpsman. An Honorable discharge IS REQUIRED if you are not active (NOTE: Dishonorable discharges are not accepted, PERIOD. Everything in between an Honorable and Dishonorable will be reviewed on a case by case basis). The only other prerequisite is that you must own a motorcycle (which means you have a bike that you are confident can travel long distances and keep up on freeway with the flow of traffic) and have a valid motorcycle license. Once you have met the prerequisites, introduce yourself to one of our members and ask about joining. You will then be required to hang around the club for a period of time so we can get to know you and you know us. See FAQ #4 if you do not meet these requirements.

4) What if I don't meet the requirements?
That would mean that you are not a Marine (or FMF Corpsman) and/or do not own a motorcycle. We are not accepting any auxiliary memberships at this time. Our suggestion would be to talk to your local Marine Corps recruiter and come back in 4 years. Or, if you are already a Marine, go buy a motorcycle. Keep in mind, you are ALWAYS welcome at any of our open to the public events and if you are really righteous, maybe even ride with us. Please read FAQ #7 though. We do have Support Tee-shirts available for you or anyone who wants to buy them.

5) Can I go to a meeting?
Before you show up at a meeting, contact a Full patched member. You will need to prove who you are and your qualifications before you are allowed in. However, being a non-member, you WILL also be asked to leave the meeting for most topics and issues, but you can stick around and have a few with us after the meeting. It’s a good time for us to get to know you and you to know us.

6) What is involved with joining and when do I get the "Back Patch"?
First off, YOU don’t just join. It’s much more involved than that. We require everyone to hang around the club for awhile. We use this time to see if you will participate, represent the club properly, and more importantly, to check your attitude. Once you have hung around the club for awhile and we consider you good prospect material you will be approached by the President to start prospecting for the club. You will be assigned a sponsor and they will guide and educate you on the MC world and proper protocol within that world. We take this time very very seriously. We are always watching and evaluating you during this “hang around” and prospect time. We DO NOT want people who lack commitment to the club, have attitudes, or just want to wear a set of colors to look like a “bad ass”. The time it takes for all this is up to the club. It is absolutely NOT a short process. It can be up to a year or more. If you are looking to just get a patch, don’t waste our time. If you are looking for brotherhood and people you can always count on, then show up, participate, and carry yourself like a Marine, and you might eventually become a part of that brotherhood. One note about hanging around: Showing up at meetings is good but that alone will NEVER get someone prospected. We will want to see you participating in our functions, other MC functions, and out and about with us. In other words, participate, participate, participate, and then participate some more. Ask a member where we will be and then SHOW UP.

7) Can I hang out or ride with your club if I am not a member?
Maybe. We are a tight group and we choose carefully who we allow inside our inner circle. Just approach a member, introduce yourself, and show us respect. If we think you are respectable then you might be allowed to hang out with us. Remember our Number One Rule: Show us respect and you will get respect in return. Be disrespectful and you will get the same back a hundred-fold.

8) What is your relationship with other clubs in the area and who do you support?
We are an absolutely neutral club. We are not a support club for any club nor will we ever be. Will you see us attending other club events all throughout the U.S. area? Absolutely. We attend many local area club events and any local club is welcome at any of our events. We have met many club members from other clubs and have always had an open and cordial relationship with them and will continue to do so in the future.

9) What does your chapter do?
We are present at many events, runs, fundraisers and other functions in our area. We are dedicated to supporting Veterans, Marine Corps related functions, charitable veterans organizations and to keeping POW/MIA awareness alive. We try to help out in any way we can the veteran or active duty personnel and their families. We are a tight knit group of Marines and FMF Corpsman that relish the camaraderie that we had when we were still active duty. We promote a strong sense of brotherhood to all our members within the chapter and other chapters. Once someone joins our ranks they will know that they will NEVER be alone and can always count on their brothers and sisters within the chapter and organization.

10) If I become a member is my family welcome to your meetings and events?
Absolutely. We encourage their participation as well. Mind you that children are welcome as well but they should not be the source of any distractions. Also some of the other MC club events we go to are only open to age 21 and above.

11) How many members do you have and are you part of a National Organization?
If you had to ask the first part of the question then you really need to learn some protocol. Come in and do some “hang around” time and we will make sure you know your protocol. Especially if we think you are good prospect material. As far as the second question, yes, there are many chapters in other states and regions throughout the United States.

12) What does NFNLB mean?
It means NONE FORGOTTEN NONE LEFT BEHIND.  We are very serious about the POW/MIA theme and what it stands for.  Get them home or send us back is not just back-alley slang to us.  All of us are prepared to go get our Veterans home once and for all.

13) What is your chapters mission statement?
To uphold the National By-Laws, donate to charities, and strengthen the bond between our Veterans, U.S. Marines, FMF Corpsmen and their families.  We will ride together.  We will support LMCI from other states and other Chapters.  We will always uphold the finest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.  We will always strive to have fun.  Everything we do will epitomize Espirit De Corps.

14) Does my former rank and achievements in the Marine Corps translate into a leadership position in this club?
Sorry, but no. While we respect whatever rank and accomplishments you may have achieved as a Marine, this is a Motorcycle Club. Much like boot camp, you start on the bottom of the ladder. If you prove to be the kind of person we want as a leader then you may eventually become one. However, you will start your journey where we started ours, at the starting line! REMEMBER, YOU ARE JOINING US; WE ARE NOT JOINING YOU. Semper Fi and Thanks for your interest.

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